noooooooooooo, dont do you will create a paradox.


    What will happen?

    Your wall will get 2 layers of paint. Nothing more, nothing less.

    the lower coat is not set and you run the risk of it dragging the paint underneath, they are generous with times though to allow for all sorts of conditions
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    in my experience,and Im prepared to be shot down in flames on this cos Im not an expert,but you shouldnt paint at nightime anyway-you get a far clearer view of coverage in natural daylight-just my humble opinion tho.

    If the wall feels and looks dry then go ahead and put the second coat on, the instructions are just a guide line, it's all about common sense.

    Goodness me!!

    it opens a door into another dimention dont do it

    you will get the job done quicker

    In this weather as well it will depend on what heating is on in the room to help it dry.


    Lime green and sky blue colour scheme, with a touch of brown maybe?


    troll harder

    Lols. I don't need to. You just can't resist and rise every single time
    And anyway, why so touchy? That's a very popular colour scheme in Cheetham Hill, not far from me.

    You will create a black hole, it is in the small print.

    If it works like painting on nail varnish then it will drag the undercoat and give a rubbish finish.
    I have never painted a wall tough X)

    Lol, didn't think you were into gremlins? Even if you were though, she's less tolerant than me so you would be waaaaaaay down the queue.

    Come on, ladies. Let's be friends and hold hands.

    I'm pretty sure if you paint on top of another coat too quickly it's like when you type 'google' into google.


    she just wants you to think she's racist so you don't suspect her... ouch.

    Sadly its true I'm afraid. Unlike me, I'm ashamed to admit that she has yet to embrace the multi-cultural society that is modern Britain, which would unfortunately leave you languishing way down at the bottom of the list. Sad, but true.

    OP , For someone who claims to have a very well paid job, you certainly do a good impersonation of a dunce.

    P,S, What will happen if i put the plug in my bathroom sink and leave the taps running overnight?


    I'm pretty sure you're just as racist as she makes her self out to be. oh … I'm pretty sure you're just as racist as she makes her self out to be. oh btw... she loves those cheetham boys. transit for someone who is a dunce you do a pretty good job of making it obvious.the walls felt dry as stated in the OP. there wasn't an indication on the tub that something magical was going to happen once the 4 hours were up.

    It says 4 hours for a reason, stupid. Does it say put the second coat on when the first one feels dry? Well there you go.
    And btw, I'm not racist - I hate everyone.


    do you have some kind of motor neurone disease? you always like my posts … do you have some kind of motor neurone disease? you always like my posts by accident when you're reporting what a deek... does it say you have to remove the motion plus when playing non motion plus games? Well there you go:[url=][/url]

    Ha ha ha! How sad is that? You've had to trawl back 8 months to find that, lol! The difference is, I don't claim to know everything. You're the kid who knows everything about everything.
    And 'what a deek'? Oh dear....running out of insults?

    I'm off now mate, I've bugged you enough for one day methinks.

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