This is really a show off thread isnt it



    for the love of are your holiday plans going?

    hee hee - all paid for just saving the spending money now but dont worry will keep everyone updated

    and its a Yes from me - nice watch (you show off X) )

    Poundland ??

    The dial looks nice, but the strap doesnt..would have been better if it was a silver strap.



    Can you tell the time?

    That watch u linked Debs to is much nicer btw

    The Carrera is nice, prefer the Monaco myself though.


    Poundland ??


    I think so too.

    I like it, simplistic and sublime - neo-noir and elegant.


    99p store.. only one left...

    Was it you then?! I was trying to grab it for a pressie for hubby!

    Yes, I like it

    I have 2 Rados, dont think you can buy a better watch for the same money!!!

    I just use my phone to check the time


    I hid it behind the jumbo box of toblerone

    Cool, tomorrow i'll sneak behind the box and get it thanks.

    I like the watch you have posted Byker. Oh and one of us here might have a list of items you buy/have, by now X)

    HOW MUCH!!!!
    Just gone through 33 pages of watches & found it!!

    Can I have some of your money please?

    not to everyones taster but very welll made too, scratch resistent which reallly helps me lol


    and what an awesome list it is.

    Hate to admit it, but sure is!


    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! though its showing as discontinued on that site - wow oh wow all that money for a watch!

    Byker - thats obscene!!!

    It's really nice though,my OH would kill me if i spent that much on him,he's bad enough now lol

    Yeah,but i like that one now lol

    Nah, don't like it.

    yeah tis a nice watch, prefer it on steel strap though rather than leather.

    what about an Omega? Id love one of these

    Too big for your little wrist.

    I bought the 2009 model when flying from Dubai. Really excellent watch


    It's a watch... this isn't the nineties dude.

    My watch is better oO


    I'm not stalking you.

    hmmm i like the idea of a watch for my oh... cant afford that tho, any cheaper but nice ones around? lol


    ^^^^ u 2 need to get a room

    lol, I think he thinks I don't like him but I've got a real soft spot for him on the quiet

    Def. Yes. Looks Good. If you're getting it from china, get them to put a metal strap
    Got them to do that on my Armani and they did! lol.


    buttons stick out too far for my liking

    No from me, i mean, the time on it ain't even right

    btw, why is the time on all those watches 10:08?
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