what job do you do?
    you have more chance of getting another job while you are still working, do you drive? can you look for a job a bit further out if there are no jobs in your area/

    Yes I agree if my job was having that impact on me I'd be busy looking for something to work is a pain and an expence but well worth it if you enjoy what you are doing when you get there...try sending your CV with a letter of introduction to some quite often can result in a job interview.

    I love my job! It enables me to work from home most of the week and spend all day on sites such as HUKD!

    I love my job! So far sure the novelty will soon wear off tho! :giggle:

    I'm afraid i love my job. I work for a local council and look after PCs and equipment in primary schools. I get to work flexi time and that is very flexible :whistling: (unofficially of course) but i never mind having to go to work too much.

    Hate my job too, changed our shifts recently 5 days with sat sun off so far since jan 15th when we changed from 6 day week with 5 days off every 3 weeks aint had a weekend off work as a cheesemaker sod all jobs around me currently.

    i hate my job too but the hours fit what i need for the kids. it's not so much the work i hate it's the way some people don't do there work and so many stages have to be gone through before anything can be done about it, and in the mean time everyone else has to pick up the slack which then causes a bad atmosphere in the department. i am just fed up with hearing 'it is being dealt with it will just take time'. but hey it pays the bills

    I love my job too but I've been in your position too Leefal, if jobs are hard to come by in your neck of the woods is there not something you would maybe consider doing from home?

    Take a visit to this link…htm .... might see some sentiments that ring a bell.... in mean time here's a picci to be going on with....

    The grass always looks greener from the other side.

    I know exactly how you feel. I got so depressed a few months ago that they put me on anti depressants. Id ring in work with fake ailments because I couldnt face going in. and now its happening all over again.

    looking for another job is always a good thing, its what im doing now BUT not getting interviews/not getting jobs can add to how your feeling and make things even worse. plus if you do get another job are you going to have some time inbetween to get over it, or are you going to go straight into a new environment with the same feelings?

    Id try to get signed off by the doctor, however, make sure your work place will give you sick pay. when I was signed off I didnt get sick pay, and they didnt tell me I wouldnt be getting sick pay til Id already been off 4 days. instead they told me I xould have the days as holiday or get no pay at all.

    I hope things get better for you

    I love my job! Well my main one, I've got another job as well but I don't like that one as much, but at least I know that one is only temporary.
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