Dont really buy much on here tbh, although I do look through the deals just incase there is something Im really looking for. Recently Ive got a few blu rays etc for presents the last thing I bought that could be defined as clutter is one of them x mini speakers its pretty good but have hardly used it, just bought it cos it was cheap and reviews were good lol

    Usually only buy stuff at Christmas. Most of the time when i see a deal i just inform my friends\family about it very rarely buy anything. I hate having things. If i do buy things now i prefer digital copies of stuff rather than physical copies.

    I have a shelf full of xbox and ps3 games, which would be classed as crap, as I ain't played half of them yet keep buying them


    Everything I buy is excellent

    I've bought a ton of stuff from here that I didn't realise I needed. Actually its been more presents, birthday christmas etc. Usually look here first when I need to get something to see if its cheaper somewhere then end up looking at other stuff and before you know my credit card is on fire lol.
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