84 I SUCK!

    OMG - I can remember living it up between '85 and '90, it was best time ever - I feel old.................X)

    My pics would have been Rick Astley, big hair and dayglo clothes!

    OH no im to old to appreciate such wonders 1973

    Awww cheers, theres still some life in this pussy cat


    get out aunty!! actually, i like your cat picture... you can stay.

    Haha, some great memories in there

    why are they all american shows? did we not have any brit stuff back then? anyone remember "Why don't you?" (_;)

    lol, nice

    Hold on hold on, I was born in 81 and I remember all of these shows, I'm not that flipping old ;-p

    i loved heartbreak high, Drazic was my fav, totally lush


    remember "round the twist", "Heartbreak High" lol classics


    remember "round the twist", "Heartbreak High" lol classics…ymI I used to love that!!

    "have you ever had a day like this? when strange things happen are you going round the twist" Thats me singing btw


    remember "round the twist", "Heartbreak High" lol classics

    what about rentaghost?

    91 but i know what 90% of that was on about

    This is what glorious stuff us oldies had to watch in early 80's, im surprised i turned out so normal (_;)

    Loved your name sake "Byker grove" byker byker byker byker grove yeah ha ha ha ha ha ha" (me singing again) ginger haired spuggy

    Ahhh those were the days! Too many good times and TV then was da bomb!

    I've got the Byker Grove song in my head now thanks haha.
    Loved Eerie Indiana! Does anyone remember Geordie Racer (which looked dated even in the early 90s!) and Ghost Writer? Educational programs I remember getting made to watch them at school but would never have chosen to watch...



    84 I SUCK!

    74 I definitely suck

    what about this, the amount of times i cried over this dam dog, couldnt understand why he never stayed in once place...…Gbw

    aunty jane

    what about rentaghost?

    They are making a Holywood movie of this with Russel Brand... Seriously oO

    howabout funhouse?

    liking this! remeber a lot of them !! born 1986!!

    lolol blowing into cartridges easiest fix. epic

    Why 85? as I was born in 82 and seem to recognise everything there, loved shows like Alex Mack as a kid, Goosebumps, basically Fox Kids and Nickelodeon shows, and back when Saturday and Sunday morning kids shows were amazing

    I loved watching Doug till Disney bought it and destroyed it like pretty much every show they buy.

    Remember watching the Amanda Show around 2000 too, and for Brittish shows stuff like Childrens Ward, Australian shows like Spellbinder and Around The Twist and other foregin shows like, Reboot, Garfield, Saved By The Bell, Hang Time, Calafornia Dreams., X Men, Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman all the superhero shows.
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