One of my housemate's pet rats, only a couple of months old, escaped on Tuesday. We found some chewed up dishwasher tablets in the kitchen sink yesterday and assumed the worst, but I found it earlier, its living up a pipe-channel behind the kitchen sink, which is completely inaccessible.

    I've rigged a rudimentary humane trap involving a pringles tube with peanut butter in delicately perched on the edge of an oiled bin, can't really see it working myself but you never know. Any got any other ideas on how to catch it?


    Just use a air gun m8 that sould do it lol lol


    Or how about that medieval flail that everyone has lying about the home!?


    Just to let you know my post was my sarcasm agaisnt pavillion's post, regarding the likely hood of everybody having an air gun.

    Also, from the OP's original post "We found some chewed up dishwasher tablets in the kitchen sink yesterday and assumed the worst..." suggests to me they want the rat alive.

    They like eating potatoes and cat food (Oh, the irony) by the way.

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    Yeah, there is a little clue in the word 'pet' that alive would be ideal...

    I can see about 1cm of its tailing dangling below where the little rodent is hiding.

    Our ratties love chocolate. Bread is also a favourite, as is pasta. I think you should leave some of each of these in the middle of a room (near where he is) and go and lie low for a bit. He'll come down for some food and then you'll be able to catch him.

    Is he not very tame? Ours never run very far away, and usually come back when we call them.

    Good luck.


    Anyway to put the rat's "home" beside a wall with food in?

    If not very tame, I would expect it to run along the walls and not through the open.

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    He is tame, but he's really young, he was let out for a run about for one of the first times and managed to escape...

    Because he's so young we haven't really sussed what he really likes - I'll put some chocolate along with the peanut butter and rat nuggets, he's bound to like something.

    'he was let out for a run about'

    Schoolboy error. Why on earth would you let a rat go 'for a run about'.

    Asking for grief...

    You can buy humane traps at B&Q, give one of those a crack.

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    Schoolboy error indeed. But it wasn't me, honest!

    Might try B&Q tomorrow if the homemade one doesn't work, ta.

    Actually, a lot of rat owners have floor time for their rats. We do as often as we can. It's good for them to get out and have an explore, get some exercise etc. Probably would've been best to wait until you were sure he'd come when called though.

    Please be careful with homemade traps - we have wild mice living somewhere in our house and we've caught a number of them with humane traps and homemade trasp, but we've also killed 2 of them with the humane traps.

    You really shouldn't need this sort of trap for a pet rat. Some patience (and food) is all that's needed.


    I can see about 1cm of its tailing dangling below where the little rodent … I can see about 1cm of its tailing dangling below where the little rodent is hiding.

    I was going to make some jokes about a cat would be the best option but its not exactly funny.

    Can't you put some peanut butter just where the tail is (small amount) and then put the pringles tube just further away so it smells it.

    Problem with that is, if he manages to grab some food and get back to his hiding place before they catch him, it'll take a lot longer! It may be worth putting some peanut butter onto a pasta twirl or something and holidng it near where he's hiding, then gradually move it to the middle of the room.

    He'll come out when he's hungry (God knows mine can't seem to go for very long without wanting to eat!)

    You might have a better chance of catching him if you stay up late, as I imagine he'll want to come out and play during the night.

    Not quite the same thing but we had hamster escape and we thought she was dead but we used to hear scurrying around at night mainly from in the bedroom,she originally went down a hole in living room inside this cupboard thingy,didn't know it was there,it was rented accomodation,landlords don't really care of conditions of buildings just want the rent most of the time! Anyway she finally surfaced back up after 35 days,I'm not sure what she did for water but we used to chuck down hamster food down this suspected hole that we thought she gone down.
    So don't give up hope if you think the rat long gone,he more intelligent than a hamster too!
    Was on the Metro train in Paris last yr and this teenage girl had a rat in her hood of her jacket,it was very friendly,her parents were with her and they were kissing her etc,and holding food in their mouths and it was feeding from their mouths,very friendly.
    Make good pets.

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    Finally caught it yesterday, it was out of its usual hiding place so I blocked it up and then we finally managed to catch him. Thanks for all you help everyone ;-)

    Yay. Really pleased for you. I bet the little thing was glad to be back to his cage really. Did you give him lots of nice treats to welcome him back?

    These are some of the 11 we have:
    Tigger & either Eeyore or Piglett:


    Mr White in his scarey cube:



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    He's still pretty shook up I think, hiding in his 'igloo', but I guess its understandable! Seeing as we hadn't named him until he dissappeared I think he's going to be called Houdini!

    The first rat we had was an albino and he was a savage basta... he also went completely blind then died a few weeks ago, quite young (~20 months), the other ones are so much nicer natured. I like Mr.White's cube!

    You can get them from [url][/url]. Our ratties love them.

    Does he have a friend, or do you only have him?

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    We had the albino, then when that was nearly a year old he got a black-and-white one, but they really didn't get on, so they had seperate cages...

    When the albino died we got two new babies (I guess they are brothers), one black-and-white (the one that escaped) and the other brown-and-white. We joined up the cages to make an ubercage and all three rats seem to get on really well now, the older rat seems a lot happier with friends.

    Aww, they sound sweet. Post some pictures if you get a chance. I love ratties.

    Another good website (in case you've never been on it) is [url][/url] There's a lot of good info on there, and the forums there are brilliant. If you ever have a problem there are always people around with years and years of experience to give you some advice.

    Wish I hadn't looked on this thread I really miss the pet rats that I had for years and I'm not allowed any more :-( Tbh we don't really have the room anymore as the cage was home made and enormous!!! Lovely, surprisingly affectionate pets!

    Get a bucket with their favourite treat, but it inside the bucket.. on the outside of the bucket create some steps using books? so the rat wont be able to get out of the bucket (theoretically) as there's no way of them climbing out...
    as they're attracted to the scent of their fav treat they'll climb the steps in to the bucket and get trapped.. etc etc... hope that makes sense to you.
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