no would rather keep CD's than selling for pence..
Never used them in terms of actually sending stuff off, mainly because they offer about 30p a CD, or something like that. Get more than that for them at a car-boot sale...!
looked at these the other day and first album i put in was £2.30 then all the rest 20/30p lol
really low prices i also had a look thats as far as i went
I used them once last year, pretty good service if you can stomach some of the low prices they offer.
It all adds up though... I think it's worth it if you have your heart set on buying something new.

My dad has used them at least 3 times, though we have always qualified for the courier collection.
I've used them a couple of times. They take about a month to send you your cheque & will typically pay 30p for a DVD, but a lot less hassle than selling loads of items individually.
terrible prices offered, steer clear!
Most of the items they offer 30p for can be bought on Amazon for a penny plus postage, so in that respect 30p is quite generous considering they also pay for the postage for you to send it to them
Another option is back2cash.co.uk
They'll also buy your books
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I used them last year, a few surprises with regards to some of the prices offered, high and low. The vast majority will be at the lower end quoted.

Simple and easy to use though, with pre paid labels supplied (or self printed).

Given the diversity of some music collections, this made the most sense in order to get back a few quid. I could never be bothered with selling individually or in small numbers to several buyers (if indeed anyone was interested).

There was no merit in keeping the cd's and dvd's if frustrated at the price offered. I would never have listened/watched again and ultimately these would have been skipped or disposed in the future, meaning zero or little return.

You also get a bit of 'fun' though when entering the bar codes. e.g. guess the price offered. Anything over a quid might mean you have a rarity though, so you could always pull that item from the proposed sale and review those items elsewhere, such as ebay and find the 'going' rate.
ASB - This thread just got a 2+ month bump from a guy with a 28 minute membership to HUKD.


ASB - This thread just got a 2+ month bump from a guy with a 28 minute … ASB - This thread just got a 2+ month bump from a guy with a 28 minute membership to HUKD.

I realised that after posting my own response. However It's ok to remain as it appears to add value to the thread. Thanks

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