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no, yes, many, xbox live, yes but you will need a subscription to sky player and no/yes.

PSN will definatly be up before June, im expecting it this week, they realsed that theyre in the FINAL stages of testing on friday.
xbox live is kinda expencive 40 pound 24 if you get it cheap and it lets you play online.

and theres little big planet 2 on ps3

theres nothing like little big planet on either console other than platformers and must of them are crap movie tie ins eg sonic, megamind

nah, why?…on/

means theyve finished builting the new system and just have to QA it.

and tbh id say if you have the money, get both consoles,then you get the best of both worlds.
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Apparently psn will be up soon but not all features will be available. The store won't be up till the end of the month

I know it's prob not what you looking for but I kinda liked banjo kazooie as it had you building all sorts of contraptions to help you navigate the levels. Same kind of art style too inva way.

I don't think there's a game on any console that can really be compared to LBP.
In regards to "shooters", it may be worth spending £8 - £10 each on COD World at War (WAW)and COD Modern Warfare 2 (MW2).

WAW has "Zombies" which can be played with up to 3 other players on or offline. It's a basic game where the only goal is to kill wave after wave of Nazi Zombies that come to attack you.

MW2 has "Special Ops" which takes a small part of the main game, and gives you a goal to achieve. They can be done on or offline with up to two players.

It's a good way to learn the controls of the game against "The computer" and not against some 12 year old American kid high on fizzy drinks.

A headset is preferable on both games, but not esssential.

A 2nd hand 360 can be bought for about £50, so if you want both consoles, it's easily achievable.
You will have to pay for playing online though(Xbox live gold), and this will cost on avearge £25 - £30 for each account.

To get Sky on your Xbox, you will need to subscribe. I don't know whether you can record with it though. If it can, the maximum 250GB that Microsoft lock you to will soon be ate up if you record HD material.

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