Pepper plant

    I bought a partially grown (maybe 6 inches high) pepper plant around 4 - 6 months ago from Poundland. I didn't expect it to grow as it and the other plants for sale clearly weren't cared for.

    It is an indoor plant which has since been repotted twice and is now around 3 foot high and grown two small ish peppers (used one the other day).

    I know they are perennial but the leaves started getting very droopy 2 months ago, though it is still growing.

    Is this due to water and nutrition going straight to the pepper?

    How long can you keep peppers on the plant? They both ripened and turned red about a month ago.

    I'm assuming because we are out of the growing season that I won't see anymore peppers growing until next year.


    The plant will divert all its energies into producing the peppers so it may well need a feed . Also indoors it may not be getting enough sunlight which will make the leaves go pale and the plant go leggy . The peppers will be ok on the plant for a fair while but you won't get any new ones this time of year . You've done well to keep it going and get fruit off it at all . Well done .

    Yeah it would benefit from some plant food. Tomato feed from poundland will do fine and should last an eternity. I've gone through just over 2 bottles using it on 12 plants right through the summer.
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