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Found 10th Dec 2017
I'm interested in using the Pepper Public API to receive deals from HUKD. I've seen the documentation but I can't find anywhere to request an API key for authentication.

Does anyone know where I can request one please?

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I've been looking for one too. Have you heard a response from anyone?

I've been asking for a while but haven't had a response from anywhere.
No, I have I have also contacted HUKD directly with no reply. Have you tried that?

It seems strange to go to the trouble of creating a public API but not be willing to support developers.
Hi guys, sorry to hijack this thread but I subbed because I'm interested in creating my own JSON api for an Android app. I can read the JSON ok inside my app but I haven't a clue how to create it. Is it just an Html webpage with the JSON syntax inside the body? I'm using myjson for hosting but it's not what I want plus I'd like to understand how to create my own.

If I were to ask this noob question on Stackoverflow I'd be flamed to hell but I can't find any guides on how to create JSON data.

Hope you find what your looking for.
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