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Perfect condition fruit machine, but stopped working, want to give it away for nothing

Posted 31st Oct
Temple of treasure £250 jackpot fruit machine with spare bulbs & reels for smaller pay out. Takes £2 & £1 coins etc. Loads of futures and options & voice. This is 1 great machine. So please could someone take it away for nothing. I live in the SE 20 area Anerley
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Might help to put location, also put on Freecycle sites, Gumtree and Preloved. People love them so wont take long to go.
Where abouts are you please?
Is it full?
Yeh depends where you are tbh
By any chance as this "working perfectly" just before you pulled it out of the pub and threw it in the back of your Transit?
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His other thread mentions Croydon so likely near there.
Ive got the same £250 jackpot one in the garage at my mates house.
Plus a £25 jackpot machine.
Put there 10 years ago and forgot about.
Can I use this to practice?
Have you not asked somebody to take a look at it to see if they can get it working? Their pretty simple workings.
I used to work for Bell Fruits back in 2000 before they went out of business. I used to fix, clean, changed bulbs on these all the time.

Pretty much every single day I'd take one outside and smash it to pieces as it was an older model, I did offer people them for free but nobody wanted them... they just weren't sort after like they are now with all this retro carry on coming back! I've honestly smashed up hundreds and can't believe now they're worth money
IAM not sure how to re ply as this is my first time.
I live in the SE 20 area Anerley. This is my first time to try & give some think away so please help me.
Can someone help me I don't know how to reply to Google 2 this is my 1st time. I live in the SE 20 area Anerley.
Thanks for all your help. Didn't realize that you can't give away free personal items.
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