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Posted 2nd Jan
just got one of these for Christmas. the machine says the Kev's should stay fresh for 30 days but I've seen on YouTube a few comments saying they go flat after a few weeks.

anyone have any experience with this? do you keep the machine on all the time? I've been turning it off then if I know I'm gonna have a drink I'll switch it on the night before. does it need to be on always to help the beer last longer ? if so anyone know the running costs for the machine on all the time ?

oh. and are the best used by dates right ? I thought beer never really went off. is it just a warning ?
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I’ve had one of these for about 5 years awesome kit!

1. Leave the machine on all the time, inside the Keg is like a foil bag, the noise you hear when you draw a pint is putting air in to maintain pressure and keep the fizz. By turning it off the pressure leaves overnight and the beer goes flat quickly.

2. I think after about 2 weeks it can go a little flat but I have never doubt this happens as 2 weeks it’s gone!

3. I’ve had the short date stuff I’ve bought for cheap it doesn’t really go off as in mouldy etc but I think you could tell it’s not anywhere near fresh
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