Perfect Housewife Perfect Christmas

I was gonna place this in deals, but it's tempoarily out of stock.

Guys, get this for the wife this Christmas. Sod the expensive jewelery, posh frocks, overpriced handbags etc.

This is all she needs.



Temporarily out of stock.

lmao - i'd get a right slap if I bought this

She probably doesn't have time for house work because she is busy... with your best mate...LOL


Clueless about whose husband is whose? A dunce with the magazine deals? Terrified of the press? Let Anthea help!

Anthea Turner takes on two hopeless wives who are clueless about Cheating. Neither Lara nor Emma have ever left a family Christmas at home but after two days at the School of Anthea, they'll be ready to face the festive season without partners. Or will they?
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