Perfect Pizza - Free Pizza for a year competition

Found 17th Aug 2007
This came in on a leaflet today.

It's one pizza a month for a year, but still thats over £100 of pizzas for nothing.

Text PERFECT to 88800

They send you a promo text once a month with offers.



How much is the text?

they probably charge you for getting the text messages aswell cos they arent gonna give free pizzas away for nothing

That's what I thought...

:giggle: one pizza a month isnt free pizza for a year :giggle:


:giggle: one pizza a month isnt free pizza for a year :giggle:

It is for most people! How many pizzas do you eat a month?!

:giggle: well it depends on the month :giggle: 30/31.....or 27 in February :giggle:

No, seriously we get pizza about once or twice a month. But 'free pizzas for a year' sounds a lot better than 12 free pizzas doesnt it???

We have more than 12 pizzas in a year! :giggle:

I have a pizza a week... so 52 a year :giggle:

Doesnt 'free pizza for a year' sound soooooooooo much better than '12 free pizzas'???????
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