Perfect Valentines Breakfast?

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Found 5th Feb 2009
Just Some Fun Ideas!

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:lol: sorry i didnt expect that to work

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Some Good Morning // I Love You Toast?

Something on the bone?

Cream of sum yung gai?

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Heart Shaped Eggs?

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Heart Shaped Biscuits?


ooo they are soo cute....repped for giving me ideas...:thumbsup:

a bit sad when cooking for yourself though........... jus sayin :whistling:

but cats are the best company


last year we made heart shaped pancakes, i used the scotch pancakes/american pancake recipe then cut out butter in heart shapes as well

we also made heart shape brownies xxx

this year i am planning a similar breakfast maybe with heart shape sausages and muffins, just use the cutters as above to cut the shapes



........c*ck:lol: sorry i didnt expect that to work


My ideal guy!

cream pie.


seeing as I will be getting my own....cup of tea and a kit kat..... … seeing as I will be getting my own....cup of tea and a kit kat..... :-(though I like those things where you can put love heart shapes on the toast.....

You have the same breakfast as I do sometimes - my local co-op has got 3 kit kats for a pound at the mo(all varieties and flavours lol).

You can make me some of that toast btw!
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