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    OK, i have an, erm, interesting request. I need a perfume atomiser. Nothing fancy or antique, just a plain, unused bog standard atomiser. The greater the volume the better but 30ml min, and a pump to transfer the perfume would be a bonus. I'm only looking to spend a few pounds and don't want to resort to ebay.


    is it a glass one or a hondbag type???…tml

    this one looks lovely, but a bit pricey at £38.99 and £2.50 for delivery its quite pricey, but its now going on my christmas list!!!

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    a glass one would be ideal.
    @caroline - the one you've pointed out is perfect but a bit over budget!
    @beckyboo - the one you've found is actually filled with britney spears curious perfume so it's no good!

    just wondering as an after thought, is it possible to get empty perfume bottles (unused) so the spray action is a push button like normal perfume bottle as opposed to a bulb...? the only ones fitting this description are tiny 3-4ml ones


    P&P on this one would be quite expensive if you only wanted the one item, but this company doesn't charge much more no matter how many things you order. They have some very nice Christmas gifts so definitely worth a look.
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