Perfume for 10 year old girl

Found 17th Nov 2010
Hi, I am purchasing a gift for my niece. She is 10 years old and I was thinking of perfume. Is she too young ?? I have 3 boys, so am a bit unsure!

If anyone can suggest what perfume would be suitable for a girl this age, I would be most grateful.

Am prepared to pay a bit more for something decent
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j&j baby powder should still be ok
There are lots of "Barbie" etc perfumes for young girls(Fragrance Direct have ine for 99p for 6ml). A lovely, soft, subtle up market one is Ma Cherie by Dior. Maybe ask her mum first, as she may think she is too young for perfume. Each to their own tho. ;-) I would have loved some perfume at 10. Think we had Pretty Peach by Avon at that age, maybe younger.
My 10 year old daughter likes the Hello Kitty perfume from m & s it's only £7.50 and on 3 for 2.
Happy shopping
Does Miley / Hannah Montana or any other teen celeb have one out?
you can buy hannah montana / high school musical perfume
I have an (almost!) 10 year old, and whilst she does love perfume, i'm a bit funny about her wearing it, mainly because she sprays it around so much! And she certainly isn't allowed to wear it every day.
I'd speak to the mum first to see what she thinks
You can buy perfume that smells of crayon and Playdoh here
boots have a few goood ones in

You can buy perfume that smells of crayon and Playdoh here

lol, why would a 10 yo girl want to smell of playdoh or crayons?
Mango - Delerium is a lovely perfume for her age, my cousin is 11 and we buy her it all the time as she loves it! And ive smelt it and its absoluitely gorgeous!!!! really cheap to - cheapsmells.com/vie…964
I think perfume is acceptable. Everyone likes to smell nice. But I'd draw a line at make up until they're a bit older. Let kids be kids. They'll be adults for a very long time, so no need to speed up the growing up process....

lol, why would a 10 yo girl want to smell of playdoh or crayons?

To pull 10 year old boys.
A girl is never too young for good perfume!

My daughter started off wearing the Vera Wang Princess perfume, and I think Juicy Couture is also quite a good young perfume.
Lacoste Pink
Next have some girls perfumes, think its Hello Kitty.
Thanks for all of your suggestions. Time to go shopping....
Is she an old 10 ur old or a young one. My daughter is 9 and happy with hello kitty. But my 11 yr old son has loved aftershave for a whilst and quite likes more adult brands and is now in seniors where he has to be a bit more grown up. So I'd think about what she will use it for
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