PERFUME! In particular: "Classic She" & "Je Doir"

    Could anyone please tell me a good price to buy perfume from? I'm after both "Armani Classic She" and "J'Adore", so will be spending a few quid. Any deals for buying two?



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    I've been looking for a while and am getting more and more confused.

    "Eau de Perfume" & "Eau de Toilette" ???... I take it "Eau de Perfume" is the much more preferable (expensive) gift choice? (I just read a little about the difference). ...I have never known the difference before and have always just bought the cheapest I can find the brand, not knowing that I've been buying a lesser quality/concentrated perfume.

    Also, I've noticed that the large discounts on websites are usually the toilette version, the parfum version only ever seems to have a couple of quid off. One exception was "Duty Free Perfume" that had an un-used, ex-display 100ml bottle of J'Adore (parfum) for about £30, but it was out-of-stock :-(

    ...I'm now finding it impossible to find any other prices anywhere NEAR that!

    EDT is more diluted and so has only a slightly less 'intense' smell but the smell lasts a couple of hours less. The EDP is the opposite. TBH for day to day wear, there's not that much difference. It really comes through in more powerful scents like Pure Poison so don't worry about it too much.
    Having said that, if the EDP is available for a few quid more then why not?!

    try ]Fragrance Direct. They have some cracking deals on testers (if they're not for presents). If they are, I think Boots are doing triple points so have a look there too.
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