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Perfume tester bottles - where to (bulk) buy?

Posted 16th Jun 2008
Where do ebay sellers buy unpackaged perfume testers from? I've just bought a perfume for £25 which is £40 at Boots, and I'm assuming the seller made a margin on that too.

Where are these available in bulk? Would be a nice little business project over the summer!!
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when perfume shops close down i know they sell off unopned testers but other than that who knows
there was this one seller that had a picture of a cardboard box full of (at least 30) boxes to prove he had stock... and if they're selling on ebay they have listing costs, FVFs, paypal fees... there must be a secret cheap place to buy perfume!!!
there must be somewhere,have you had a look in any of the wholesale online directories? that might be a start good luck
Its one of those "its not what you know, its who you know" deals. Eastgate market at Skegness is a good place to look though.
Ive bought testers from ]cheapsmells and ]fragrancedirect before now... A lot cheaper than the high street prices on a lot of their stuff....

Fragrance direct sell full pakaged,no box and testers..

Always had good service from both of these..
Distributers who have relationships with the manufacturer are the best people to get them from, and if you can find them you can get the stuff at really good prices. You can also get retail packed stuff at very good prices too. The problem is finding them as no-one will tell you their sources. As an idea of prices
Last xmas I was paying £2 + vat for isabella rossellini testers which were retailing for £40 at the time.
I was paying £4.50 + vat for David Beckham stuff
£3.50+vat for retail celine dion 50ml
I was selling on ebay for less than most wholesalers were selling it for.
they are a big wholesaler, but to get the decent stuff at decent prices you'll need to spend a lot and build a decent relationship with them!
i got a price list from Knight's a few hours ago, most of the stuff is at most 30% below RRP, and it's fully packaged stuff. do they do testers as well?

i got a price list from Knight's a few hours ago, most of the stuff is at … i got a price list from Knight's a few hours ago, most of the stuff is at most 30% below RRP, and it's fully packaged stuff. do they do testers as well?

There isn't that much profit in perfume.
I believe they do do testers but I think you have to be well in with them to get them, or at least to get the decent ones.
You can haggle with some suppliers too, pay cash etc. Try riding around the strangeways area of manchester, the smaller suppliers round there will haggle quite easily.
I have a very good relationship with my supplier and i struggle to get the decent stuff in any quantity from them at times :x
actually you're in leeds, sandy's are ok for some things, but you do have to catch them at the right time and watch what you buy. Only £50 min spend too.
thanks so much, just got their details from their website. will check them out tomorrow!
you are better off just going in, i'm not sure what perfume they will have at this time of year though.
If you're a girl you will be able to spend £50 on cosmetics in there easily though

Where are you going to sell the stuff? You could try emailing the sellers on ebay and asking for bulk prices too, i send trade lists out to people when they ask if i'm in the mood to sell in bulk, so can't hurt to ask.
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Which ones please ?

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Ok thanks
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