Perfume/After Shave free samples from the high street

    Hi All

    Does anyone know the best high street store to walk in and ask if they have any free take home samples of perfume or after shave. Many Perfume/After Shave freebies get posted on here some are the useless postcards but some are the small sample bottles so obviously Perfume/After Shave makers have some and they must give them to high street stores as samples to give away to the public.

    So which stores? What is the best tactic for acquiring samples, other than knowing some one who works behind the counter?

    Thank you for your help.


    postcard samples are handy to put in underwear draws etc

    as for the samples in shops - go to any john lewis - house of fraser marks debenhams - and if in london selfridges harrods
    go to any of the stands - elizabeth arden - givenchy etc - my fave is guerlain - peruse the displays and the nicely made up assisant will be there - we have a guy in our debenhams - he is lovely - you just ask nicely have they a sample to try before you buy - get your face cream and perfume samples - ask for sample of aftershave for your man

    while you are out shopping do all the shops then you have a months supply - e,g guerlain orchidee face cream £220 for 30mls - sample 3 mls - worth £10!! why buy when you can try!!


    Boots always have loads of tiny samples they will give you

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