Found 13th Feb 2009
Who is the person that in your eyes has made changes and been an inspiration in your life or part of your life?

The person that has gone down in history and you can always talk to your children or even your parents told you that this he/she has been a major inspiration for us and have made lives better!!

Just wanted to know who this person is in your life?

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My Mum.

Eleanor Roosevelt ( not politically, but as a woman )

Khalil Gibran ( poetic philosophy )

The Dalai Lama ( for peace and goodwill towards others )

mother teresa

and martin luther king

Bengali Soldier s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael J Fox

and the doc

my DAD

Original Poster

Yep parents always first!!

Y'shua H'a Meshiach

the surgeon who performed my sex change operation


the surgeon who performed my sex change operation

LOL. You are going to be ragged now


LOL. You are going to be ragged now

lol shh, u enjoying ur day??


My best friend who lost her daughter two years ago and her strength through it all amazes me x

ops misread the opening post slightly

my granmo

ac3 (hes loaded u know)

Pierre Bourdieu changed my way of thinking about various issues - e.g. opened my eyes to class distinctions and injustices stemming from them. He also politicised my views about various things...

Original Poster

I would say Malcolm X made a BIG change!!!

Joe Strummer.......
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