Personal alarm for elderly woman

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Anyone know a good place to buy one? My partners nan (83) falls every now and again in her home and can’t get up. Theirs so many different ones but not sure what’s a good one. Preferably one she can use to contact her daughter with first rather than emergency services as when she falls over she’s usually ok, just needs help getting back on her feet. Thanks
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May be worth getting assessed for one from the NHS, the one we had for an elderly relative went to a call centre who took appropriate action (usually ringing me) I think we paid some rental on it but it was a few years ago so cant remember exact details,

Just to add, the alarm monitoring place had a few numbers of people they rang if it wasn't an emergency, they would call until they got through to someone or call the emergency services.
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if she can contact her daughter, can she get a mobile phone and put her daughter's number on favourite so she just fast dial her daughter when she falls over?
Or look at age concern, there is an ongoing cost but it worked well for my mother-in-law.
My dad had a lot of falls in later life and he had a pendant alarm. You could also get a bracelet alarm. It was linked to a call centre and if pressed they would contact him through a unit that was attached to his phone line to ask if he was ok or needed help. They had 3 family contact numbers that they would try before contacting emergency services. He also had a lock box beside his front door with a set of keys so that emergency services could access the house quickly and without damage if required. The code was held at the call centre for use by emergency services. Smoke alarms were also linked to the unit - luckily they check before calling the fire brigade as he set the downstairs one off when burning toast. The lock box was later also used by carers and helpful neighbours. There was a monthly fee for the service but it was worth it. We tried with a mobile phone at first but it would fall out of his pocket when he fell or he would put it on the kitchen bench then fall on the other side of the kitchen and not be able to reach it.
Get something like this…348
Typically it sends a predefined text to a list of selected contacts.
I bought my folks one of these. It has an SOS button on the back. Absolutely brilliant for the price compared to Doro

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