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    Hi Everyone

    does anyone happen to know how to get hold of your "Personal Credit File"?

    I've been told that this costs £2 for a copy, but i didnt want to go searching on google first as theres that many scams about i thought i'd ask on here first



    Yes, I got mine. It's very simple. The official records are held by Equifax - you can request them online from - it takes a couple of days to receive it by post. (free - but paid for by a few spam emails a year)

    MoneySavingG (free - but paid for by a few spam emails a year)

    [COLOR=#000000][FONT=times new roman]*The website is only accessible through ISPs (Internet Service Providers)

    located within the United States and its territories.
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    sorry i really should check my typed urls. The real one:

    I'll try them
    I have an account with and I had it for the last 2 years

    I got mine from [url][/url] for £2, it took about 4 days to arrive.

    or if you just want your credit score (subjective depending upon how the company works it out) sign up to zopa and they will give you a figure (mine was crap 300 something when I did it about 2 years ago - so I was put into the "b group" of risk - lending rejects lol)

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone, just used experian for £2

    hi i was told by bank when i was turned down to open an account to get a couple as they could hold differant information on you .dont know how true that is .turned out someone who moved into my old flat had bumped off a club in my name only was for 170 pounds .i hadn't noticed for 5yrs as it hadn't affected me getting credit anywhere else just stopped me opening an account lol.all sorted know and it is now completely clear .
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