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    Any recommendations ?
    Needs to have e-mail with the domain.


    All my domains are hosted with Its a small provider which means you are not just a space on the disk.

    Very quick response.

    I used this:…gb/

    Works fine. Think it works out that you make a £1 profit from the cheapest package.

    I have a web site hosted with this company

    Very good in my opinion :-D

    Give them a try…ing

    Original Poster

    34sp don't register personal sites now.
    They will renew an existing one though. - Get excellent service from them already but can't get a new domain.


    Use for domains (unless its a .com then US based will work … Use for domains (unless its a .com then US based will work out cheaper.)Web host, I always recommend or just use a gmail account.. the point the mail to gmail and send using - deffo the best way to handle mail requirements. Your domain host then diverts all mail to gmail using whatever [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] you want to use.

    Amazing service. Been with them for 4 years. Had copyright/illegal things uploaded to host (uploader) and they were very cool about it. Sorted it out instantly, 100/100 host...

    for easy option use mrsite, can be picked up cheaply off play or ebay for just unlock codes. its really easy but can be limited once you want a more seristocated site but great as a start of point for the 1st year and includes mail with your website name ie [email protected] and web site name ect.

    If you need any graphic work done let me know!


    blue box best price is about 17 quid…c=1…e=0
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