Personalised email address- best service?

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Are there any recommendations for having your own email address linked to your website domain name?

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Do you mean you want an email service for your existing domain, and / or are you asking if you should quote an email address on your website having either the same domain name or use a generic address such as gmail? If you have a business website, convention would suggest you would use an email address related to your domain.
If you buy / have bought a domain name, an email service / mailbox may come with it. Example, buy a domain via 1and1 and one 2GB mailbox related to your domain comes with it, plus an unlimited number of forwarding e-addresses (forward them all to that one mailbox maybe, or have the mailbox set as a catchall for all incoming mail). And if you understand SMTP authentication you can send an email having any identity related to your domain. If you want multiple individual mailboxes you are probably likely to need some sort of email hosting arrangement = cost.
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