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    personalised number plates

    its the other halfs birthday on 29th nov and i thought i might get him a personalised plate.. any one recomend any good sites.... there seems to be so many! i want some thing like wenty on it !!


    i'd go through the dvla, no extra charges.


    DVLA pick your own

    be careful of regtransfers too, as good as they are i get constant emails from them.

    i got mine on [url]www.newreg.com[/url]
    very cheap compared to dvla etc

    Whats his name? or initials ??

    DVLA for me

    far far cheaper than anywhere else and no hidden extras, like transfer fees or vat



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    dvla, if you find 1 you like anywhere, checkout the price with vat and transfer fees, then check dvla, we found dvla to be quite a bit cheaper than others as theirs include everything:thumbsup:

    DVLA but just check its actualy the DVLA as some companies have very similar addresses, got a great one for my hubby for £250 - some web sites look cheaper but dont include the transfer fee which the DVLA's does

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    his initials are mw but he gets called wenty, the cars an o4 plate and im just not sure what to go for!!! lol!!!

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    i cant find anything of any use! i thought this would be easy!!!lol thanksanyway guys!

    bought mine from dvla. £250 bargain.

    be careful and research all the sites available, a lot of companys advertise a reg and once youve commited to buy it they then purchase it from dvla and sell it on to you for a profit. my folks got one of these personalised plate things in the post from a smaller company and when they decided they would buy it they thought about checking dvla first and found the same plate there for about £150 less.

    DVLA everytime.

    Other sites look cheaper but always have hidden costs.

    I always get the job of organising the plates for anyone in the family;
    Mine, hubby's, mum's, dad's, m-i-l, f-i-l, s-i-l.
    (I'm not kidding!)

    Always DVLA. Best price & great service. Don't be fooled by anyone else!

    Good luck

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    ive tried dvla and cant find one that fits the bill!

    W13NTY is £399 from DVLA

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    thanks i bought it today!
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