Personalised Nutella – there’s a jar with your name on it (£3.99) via Selfridges

Found 18th Nov 2014
More of a heads up :-)

For just £3.99 you can spread yourself, your friends or your delicious loved ones over a piece of bread or yourself if your into that kind of thing with maybe a few hazelnuts and become a giant ferrero rocher

You can pick up a 400g jar of the classic choc and nut spread in store at London’s Selfridges or call 0800 123 400 as they no longer sell it online due to demand i'd expect.

Seems you can put any name or word you want
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Money > sense
Vitaly would be interested.

Money > sense

Agree, but might be nice as gift

Agree, but might be nice as gift

I'd be happy if I was given a Nutella with my name on it

Agree, but might be nice as gift

My 7yr old would love it. Cheers.
Only available to buy in a store, not available over the phone
How do I get the deal??
Sounds like a good idea
750g jar for £3.51 in Asda. I'd prefer that without my name on. Or print your own label off.
Already have a label with my name on it ... and it was absolutely free Nutella were giving them away earlier this year for their 50th birthday :P
£2 in farm foods, who cares about the name !!!
Personalise all your gifts this year clicky
How can I order?

How can I order?

By going to Poundland.
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