Personalised Photo Cushions - Any under £10?

    Hi does anyone know where the cheapest place to buy personalised photo cushions are? The cheapest I have found them is £10 for a cushion, which seems a little dear.


    or there is a mug offer 11oz plain photo mug for £3.50 good offer me thinks ! truprint new and existing accounts

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    To be honest, I can't see you getting one for much under a tenner. Some of them are £30-£40 (or so they say without any discount)

    Try Lidl Photos, on their website

    I bought this cushion cover from eBay last year…3A2
    it came very quickly and was good quality for the price I paid. It doesn't come with the actual cushion though but I bought one from wilko ( which fitted nicely.

    Oops - sorry about links throughout that comment!

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