Personalised Shirts For Kids

    I want to know where the cheapest place is i can get a personalised t shirt for a 4 year old kid. Also i would like the print quality to be good, so if it gets washed it's still there.


    personalised how??? if you mean like his name on a footy shirts a lot of specialist schoolwear shops will add a name to back of footy shirt

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    as in a picture of him on the front and some writing next to it.

    Vista Print

    White T shirts are free at the moment, as is delivery - You can upload your own pic and choose your own wording and positioning

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    Thanks that looks like a good offer, but i was searching there site and i couldnt find the white shirts being free they are £5.50 and its £3.50 for the photo to be customised. Altogether £9 is that right?

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    also where is the size for kids?

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    tesco photo lab will put pictures on reasonable charge n so probably few other photo labs

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    thanks tesco photo lab has a discount on personalised shirts at the moment. And they have sizes for 4 year olds.
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