Personalised Xbox gaming year. Let's see yours...

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Found 15th Dec 2017
I'm not quite sure what's going on here. I remember playing a lot of Rainbow Six: Siege, and I mean A LOT of it. But, Minecraft and Ghostbusters? I really need to stop the kids playing on my console...!

You can view your personalised year in gaming from Microsoft here. Let's see yours

Ignore the achievements I'm more of an online player than a story mode kind of guy.

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Here's the link :…ew/

Cheers buzz I’ll look at mine also just added you on live


Should be more but moved house and had no internet easily sunk 50+ hours into ac origins
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My robbed account from son.

Hmmm. We didn't find enough data to build a profile for that gamertag. Please play on.

PC Master Race

Shengis5 m ago

Hmmm. We didn't find enough data to build a profile for that gamertag. …Hmmm. We didn't find enough data to build a profile for that gamertag. Please play on.PC Master Race

My game sharing Windows 10 account doesn't seem to register either.
Like the gamerpoints on that don't exist :-/

Mine was pretty low, spent most of my time on PS4. Think Horizon 3 had 105 hours. Gamerscore was around +2000


The one year since the release of xbox and I've played mostly on my ps4....



Too many late evenings......


Feel free to add for latest cod or forza horizon 3 multiplayer

Told me Mrs this week - I never get to play games anymore - on Xbox alone 579 hours...... and I think I’ve played more on switch if I’m honest.

Three forza games in top 5 with NBA playgrounds and FIFA - no taste some people


Seems my kids keep forgetting to switch profiles too.
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I can blame Minecraft on the kids, but the rest is all me

There seems to be a lot of blame going on "the kids"

My most played game is a Technical Alpha

Wow 643 hours

I don't know if this is meant to be a wall of shame or pride....

Let me know when you plan to divulge /played stats from WoW... I lived that game back in the day
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