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Found 19th Feb 2018
Hello HUKD community! Has anyone experienced ayahuasca treatment in Peru? I want to know more... pls join if you have any useful informations...
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It's worth reading both the articles I've posted below as the experience of taking ayahuasca can be quite distressing for some as mentioned in the MTV article. And some people have had terrifying experiences and violent reactions which could have serious implications for anybody who has a history of mental health problems according to the BBC's article. The drug could also be responsible for triggering issues in those who are predisposed to mental health problems but unaware of the fact.

You should definitely do your research before heading off to a retreat.

And if you're thinking of taking this for depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, bear in mind the following: Christos Dimitriou, a consultant psychiatrist who specialises in depression and PTSD, says the most important thing is for people in distress to be assessed by professionals and given a tailored treatment plan, not try to solve it themselves on a retreat.

Also, there's not always support if things go wrong. So try and research the retreat you intend going with if you haven't changed your mind after reading these articles.
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