PES 10 V Fifa 10 - Demo's

What are your thoughts?

Which, if you've have played do you think will be best?

Although I'm a bit of a Fifa fan boy of late and in my opinion Fifa 09 was loads better in virtually every area than PES 10 other than the Champions League mode.

I must admit PES 10 seems very good and quite an improvement on PES 09.

I can't quite decide which of the two I'm liking best to be honest.

Fifa 10's game play has been improved and the cpu respond very well but I don't think it's massively improved over 09.

Where as PES 10 is like a totally new game compared to PES 09, It feels really good to play, Although against the cpu it's too easy even in the hardest mode.

Not played either against friends yet and suspect Fifa will still be the online king.

Love 10 v 10.


mw2 FTW

another thread.. jeez

the pes, for me anyway, feels like the same gameplay form fifa 07 tbh, fifa 10 for me please
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