Pes 20 on the Xbox one,not great any ideas if FIFA 19 or one of the earlier pes might be better?

Posted 27th Dec 2019
Think it feels very slow and overly "floaty" dunno if any one else thinks the same?
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All the PES are the same tbh, I've never played Fifa. But PES 2020, so many tedious fouls and non contact free kicks. And the ball just bounces around, knocking off players. I'm glad I didn't buy it, I uninstalled the lite version after giving up on it.
It's been bang average for years, I've downloaded it on Xbox for 2-3 years and barely touched it. Fifa has been far superior in every aspect for years....sadly pes has stood still for prob about 5 years....
FIFA 19 is probably one of the better versions. I think they’ve ruined the defence in 20, but then maybe that’s just me
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