pes 2008 on ps3

    anyone know of any deals?


    ew pes, fifa all the wy haha

    you missed out on the £19.99 deal from

    i'll look out for you.

    11% quidco aswell

    Dnt buy pes on ps3 or 360 they are both pants -- having played both - ps3 version is awful and the 360 isnt very good at all

    Just get the ps2 version

    Original Poster

    admittedly, ps2008 isn't as good as pes6, but i'll never be convinced that fifa is better than pro evo

    im willing to take a punt on the ps3 version, and if its anything like previous editions of the series, it will be the usual process of:

    1st: this is rubbish - i preferred the old one
    2nd: ah, i'm starting to like this game - i'm discovering little nuances that make it good - its starting to grow on me
    3rd: this is a great game - long may it live in the memory of sporting game classics

    (i really hope i reach the 3rd stage)
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