Found 16th Nov 2007
Just a quick question/discussion. Does everyone's screen jump when they play online. Not sure if it's just mine as the signal strength, etc.
I know there is a little freeze frame lapse when I play against the comp but it's quite poor when I play through the network. :?


it happens with me too, one second i am dribbling around the half way line the next second matey i am playing is in my box!

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That's what i get, spoils the game completely. You go to tackle and think, i've got that, then it jumps, you've done a lunging tackle from behind, and foo you go!

all thaough i was a pro evo lover i dont like the game this year but onlines always been ****

Arent they releasing a path to prevent lag as its a big problem. Was thinking bout getting this but think il stick with Fifa.

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i was really looking forward to playing it online, but it's been a real disappointment in the game. i've lways been a pes man, and no matter how bad it is, (not that this game is!) but it's a shame that it does this!

they say that there will be an update for PES by monday. Seabass needs to get his finger out of his **** me thinks
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