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    Ok anyone who played it will admit that pes 2008 is kinda pants as with all the recent next gen footie games - i remember when i used to play pes 4 and 5 everyday over the summer for like 7 hours a day doing the master league - now ......well i dont even play the master league as its boring

    Anyways konami have announced features of the october footie game so enjoy
    (taken from kotaku)

    GRAPHICS - Konami are promising that the game's had a "radical aesthetic upgrade". Specifically, they say stadiums now have better effects (including LED hoardings), depth-of-field effects and "new face and body detail", along with new facial animations. Which should be nice, but fall short of a full engine overhaul, which the series badly needs, since there's only so long it'll be able to polish up a stiff, robotic player animation system that was developed a generation ago.

    BECOME A LEGEND - They'll tell you this was a part of the Japanese versions of Winning Eleven, but really, the institution of a "control a single player as he rises through the ranks" mode is a response to those found in the EA Sports games. Still, it's a neat addition, especially if you're the type who likes to squeeze every last Master League match out their Pro Evo, especially since you can save your player data and use it during online matches.

    SPECIAL MOVES - No more combos or specific controls for special moves. Instead, these are going to be introduced contextually, and will be activated depending on where/how hard you can yank/twist the analogue stick when performing a certain move or dribbling in a certain direction.

    And finally

    EDITING - Ah. Some good, good news. The editing system - crippled in both current-gen versions of the game - is fully-restored for Pro Evo 2009. You'll be able to draw your own sponsors and club crests like you used to, along with new features like the ability to import crowd noises for custom home games.


    Close control more intuitive:
    Manual cursor control
    Adjusted trick control for easier control more within natural control parameters than via special movements

    Ball movement more realistic:
    Ball has always been treated as separate entity, but 2009 has new air resistance calculations for trajectory of ball
    Instant control. Buttons presses are no longer stored, making for a crisper playing style
    Heavier foot-in tackles, depending on the length X is depressed
    New friction routines to affect ball movement in terms of ground conditions
    Backspin routines calculated so ball slows accordingly
    The bounce of the ball can be used more effectively: players can flick the ball up to tee a shot, or to lift it over a defenders trailing leg
    Skills are now integrated more into the game. If a player has the ability, they will be able to perform deft turns others cannot and will be able to feint and shimmy within the confines of the control system
    Player has to compensate for heaviness of ground when weighting passes in wet conditions or frozen ground

    Teamvision enhanced:
    Tactics change according to situation
    Better off-the-ball movement running to receive passes, etc
    AI recognizes strategies that work and accumulates data on an ongoing basis within Master League and League modes

    Graphic depiction of weather conditions unique to each stadium
    Much more detailed lighting effects that mimic the time of day more closely
    Key new grounds like Wembley, in total about 20 stadiums
    LED Boardings (PS3 and 360 versions only)
    All new players models in game: everything reworked for additional detail
    Specific new animations to make the game flow more: players now stumble, place a hand down so as to keep running
    More individuality to movement of players: running and kicking styles, for instance: Ronaldos stance before a free kick

    New vertical camera, allowing end-to-end view including Player Focus zoom, panning in on key one-on-one situations
    New distance drawing techniques using adjusted chromatic fields

    Front End - Menus:
    All new, clearer menu system
    Match stats now on sub-menus if required
    Much improved music choice

    In addition to the importation of graphic data, music and crowd chants can also be added
    Pixel Paint function allows users to create team badges from scratch

    Game Modes:
    Become a Legend:
    New long-term mode sees player guiding one player to glory
    Control the destiny of a midfield/striking star
    Player works within team structure, akin to popular Fix mode assisting play, scoring goals, etc
    Default vertical view
    Dedicated development data for player as game progresses
    Full range of transfer opportunities: but fail to play well and you will be demoted to bench or even transferred
    Based on popular Japanese mode, first time in Europe

    Online version of Become a Legend
    Use player created in solo mode
    Play online with other fixed position friends
    Intricate play and teamwork rewarded with PES points
    Upload finest moments for others to view and rate

    Master League:
    More intuitive menus
    Easier to understand two-tier negotiations: team level and individual terms
    Loyalty: players unhappy with terms, etc, will not play as well. A happy player will play better.


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    [SIZE="5"]In-depth interview with a member of the industry who had the chance to playtest PES 2009.[/SIZE]

    With regards to the gameplay, would you say it resembled PES6 or PES2008, … With regards to the gameplay, would you say it resembled PES6 or PES2008, and what aspects differ.

    The gameplay is PES2008, the way it should have been. You can no longer run straight through everyone with Etoo or Ronaldinho without any effort but you can beat players by running if you time your moves correctly. It is very realistic and the AI in defence and attack is massively improved.

    The refereeing in PES2008 was abysmal, has it got any better? (please … The refereeing in PES2008 was abysmal, has it got any better? (please elaborate with examples i.e bringing play back etc)

    The refereeing is probably the same although the collisions are much better so the decisions are often correct. The diving works better too. Managed to win a pen with an expertly timed dive over a defenders outstretched leg - looked class.

    PES2008 definitely favoured the attacking side with scoring being … PES2008 definitely favoured the attacking side with scoring being particularly easy. Is this the case in 2009?

    Shots don’t seem to be as easy as 2008 and the keepers cover their area much better. Obviously if you get up to them and pass across them its easy but that’s the same in real life. The defence also like to play cat and mouse with the offside trap so it’s harder to get in to create the easier chances.

    Have we finally moved into the “Next Gen” or are we still polishing a tur … Have we finally moved into the “Next Gen” or are we still polishing a turd (graphics wise)

    The graphics are similar but the lighting effects (floodlights/sun etc) are spectacular. It really adds to the feel of the game, definitely the best I have seen in a sports game but I haven’t seen Fifa 09 yet

    PES2008’s goalkeepers were total garbage. Please tell me they’ve improved.

    They seemed to have improved but I can’t be 100% sure. I haven’t seen one soft shot being fumbled and tapped in though so that’s a good thing.

    Who are the officially licensed England League teams?

    Liverpool & Man Utd although most sides have nearly every player’s real face.

    Please list the leagues included.

    Same as last game

    Any major non leagued teams removed or added?

    Off the top of my head I think the only change is Zenith St Petersburg replacing Bayern Munich

    Off the top of ur head, how many stadiums are there, and which famous … Off the top of ur head, how many stadiums are there, and which famous ones are new? i.e stamford bridge etc

    There are 19 stadiums, the only new one I remember is Wembley, although I suspect Old Trafford & Anfield will be there as part of the licensing agreement with the 2 clubs

    You mentioned “become a legend” mode. Can you explain this in more det … You mentioned “become a legend” mode. Can you explain this in more detail? & how it relates to the “new exciting online mode”

    You create a player and start off at a team - A made up side (Think it’s a youth side). You control just yourself (With the Be a Pro mode camera from FIFA). As you play your player improves in stats and sides become interested and make offers for your services, I had Hull & Everton after me.

    When you save your player stats, you can then take him online to team up with other “legends”. This adds a whole new side to the game as you can actually play in a side day in day out and have leagues set up etc. I haven’t really got far into it but it is a great addition in my opinion.

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