PES 2009: Ps3 v Xbox 360

I seen the other thread about Fifa v PES.

Now the other palava about which format! Im favouring PES at the moment, but dont know whether to go for the ps3 or xbox 360 version. Any thoughts?

Prefer 360 cause I got 2 controllers already but only got 1 for my ps3. lol


Live versus PSN (or whatever its called) is what it boils down to.

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which is better do you reckon?


which is better do you reckon?

I only have Live, which do most of my friends.


xbox live trumps ps3 at present

I have PS3, if you have FIFA08, then may wonder why get FIFA 09

20 Player Online Games
Better Manager Control
Camera and Height can be customised
Game Speed can be Adjusted
More Responsive, Thank Goodness



Why get PES2009, its just a game Football Game, it isnt about graphics, or how many real teams have signed, its about great Gameplay. Buy Both

PS3 is great on line and its free , it still behind Xbox Live (which is a great service) but who really cares

ive got the 360 versions of Fifa & PES, Although I have a PS3 everytime there is a multiformat game I buy it on the xbox, although Im thinking PES might have been better on PS3 because of how easy it would be to transfer player data via an sd card. Too late now though. I like all the strips to be correct although with Fifa theres no problem to begin with

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I only have Live, which do most of my friends.

Get Live coz most of his friends have it

thinking exact same thing. ps3 or xbox. which is better graphivs and gamplay wise
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