Pest detterant

    I have been looking for a unit that i seen a while back but not sure where it was. It sends out a noise Inaudible to humans to deter pests in the garden. Anyone know where i can find such a thing at a reasonably low price?


    They have these in the JML displays at woolies, wilkos and WHsmith if thats any help think (not 100% sure though) they are about a tenner.

    i thought the consensus was that these devices didn't really work?

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    I really would like to know if these do work as i will be looking to buy one.

    Is ]This the one you are refferring to in woolies

    My Dad has a hardware store and he stocks these sorts of things, we have tried them out on diferent occasions and havent found one that works. In fct one seemed to attract cats!!

    What are you trying to deter?

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    Mice and snails etc.

    Can i just advise people from my experience these things do not work, i bought two for my tenement flat as they typicaly have problems with larder beetles living in the fabrications of the building, it's not a major issue but it's an annoying one. I kept these in for a few months and it didn't have any effect whatsoever, in fact after a few months i just resold mine on ebay and called in a pest control officer.

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    ]This is the one that got me into trying to find a cheaper one
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