Pet (dog) insurance

    I'm looking for some recommendations for where to go for Dog insurance.

    It seems it's a minefield on what to get or who from etc as some only pay for first 12 months of an illness, other want huge excesses, dont pay for medication etc etc.

    We have been donated a pomeranian puppy that's 6 months old and I want to look at getting it insured in the near future.

    Any places to avoid and any recommendations to try would be welcome so I can get quotes and arrange cover would be gratefully received and H+R will be given out.




    Petplan covers new illnesses for life . :thumbsup:
    We used them for our German Shepherd and I can recommend them very highly.
    Our dog was on medication for her whole life through pet plan, saved us a fortune and they pay the vet costs very quickly.

    My two dogs are covered with Argos Pet Insurance. They were the cheapest by far, £20.00 quidco and an excellent service. Although i have never had to claim my sister in law has a few times and has had an excellent service. I pay under £20.00 per month for my two dogs. Hope this helps.

    agree with esq3585... petplan.


    I use Healthy Pets. My three dogs were insured with Argos last year and although we never made a claim, when the renewal noticed arrived it had jumped up by £60 per dog!

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