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    Hi Folks, Family and I have just aquired a new member (dog) so was wondering if anybody knew of good place for insurance deals before I start my quest or what I should be looking at paying monthly for a good deal.

    We got a male Chorkie:oops: (Yorkshire terrier/Chihuahua so is a crossbreed) 8 weeks 3 days old, vaccinated,not microchipped.

    Any advice



    cheapest i found was esure i looked at loads when we got our yorkie over a year ago .although she is microchipped
    I did also check policy was as good as others .

    Firstly no matter what you go for I would advise that you read the small print. Some insurance companies will only payout once per illness and won't payout if your dog needs continual treatment.

    Sainsburys, Tescos or Pet Plan are meant to be very good - I know pet plan do a 'for life' cover, not sure about the rest.

    try going through a cashback site like quidco, greasypalm or mrscashback as you can get quite a lot back on petplans, although you still need to compare, i think the rspca do a good one

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    Thanks, just done a couple quotes and they were both around the £15 mark sainsbury/virgin. Will keep an eye on the small print so I don't get mugged.

    Thanks both of you for advice:thumbsup:

    that sounds too much, I think you should be able to find one for about £10 at most

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    More th>n insurance seem ok. Came out at 9.34 with no time limits (upto 7000 for vets) plus £20 cash back through quidco.

    Any good? seems ok to me however I've never had pet insurance.

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    Oh, thanks for all your input ladies n gents

    As copper_kitten has said above go for a "for life" policy, don't just shop for the cheapest policy as this could cost you big time in the long run, if your dog gets put on medication and needs to stay on it for life, which is becoming more common with more advances in meds, then a lot of "non" for life policies will stop paying at end of policy term. The type of breed you have could easily be expected to live to 15years and beyond.
    Have a look at M&S I found them best for me after being with Petplan for years.
    spend some time now, it is worth it !!
    Policies can vary quite a bit for "post codes"
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