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Posted 17th Nov
Can anyone recommend a decent/reliable/reasonably priced pet insurance company? Specifically for a cat.
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PetPlan is the one that is usually recommended. You need to get one which will cover the pet for life, otherwise you can end up with having an uninsurable pet after a claim. No pet insurance worth having is cheap, unfortunately. As an example, our dog was chronically ill for 9 years, racked up 9000 worth of vet bill, fortunately covered by the insurance.
Tesco is good and pay out promptly if the need arises.
More than pet insurance is good also paid out for my pet operation straight away
Sometimes the best advise comes from your own vet on this one.

There are loads of companies and many will pay out on fails claims, the vet however, may, for some of them still require a payment from you in part, or full. This is because they know it's unlikely that the insurance company will pay out, in full, in part or on time and are covering all their bases.

You wouldn't expect this to be the case but often it is.

Insurance companies don't like to pay out what they don't have to, neither do their investment companies.

I would have a look on the old price comparison sites, work out the companies your happiest with for cover/price then chat to your vet before you buy.

Your vet may even have a practice referral code for a discount for you, incentive for them. Local animal charities will also have these with PetPlan and the like if you want to support them through your membership it's often around 10% of your annual premium/renewal.
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