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    Do you have pet insurance, if so what company?

    I have Marks and Spencer for one of my dogs and looking for another quote for the other. Marks and spencer do offer a lot, of was going to get direct line put only offered a reward of 50 quid if your dog was lost or stolen!!

    A bit off topic but nobody knows if there is anyway of getting cashback or money off on marks and spencer insurance?


    Ask your vet what he/she recommends. Some insurance companies pay out straight to the vet, so there will be no need for you to pay up front and then claim the money back.

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    I know what they will say "Petplan", I am sure they get paid everytime they say that.

    I am happy with Marks and Spencers, just wondered what everybody else used and if there was anyway of getting cashback for marks and spencer or discount.

    argos!! very cheap!

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    Is it that what you use?

    I thought they didn't offer a lot on veterinary fees, not sure though?

    I was with tesco and ended up paying an extra 1000 pound on top of what the insurance paid out when two dogs thought my dog looked tasty!

    The one from M&S Money is the best by far

    £10 per month - no excess. They offer money if your dog gets lost for a reward/posters etc, they will pay for damage caused by your dog etc

    Been with them 12 months now, had 1 claim & no problems !!

    have a friend who got insurance for dog through "more then" came back a good price, but check for cover if animal gets a life long illness and needs medication for rest of his life, some will only cover 1 year for same illness if you get what i am trying to say, but petplan are the best, that is personaly though.:thumbsup:
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