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    I'm re-homing a two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier soon and wanted to know what's the best insurance policy or company. I'm ideally looking for something that covers his teeth.

    anyone got any recommendations or advice?


    I'm ideally looking for something that covers his teeth.

    why? doesnt most pet insurance policy's cover dental treatment?

    My dog is old now and has dentures, so no worries there anymore

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    most of the policy's say something like:
    The cost of dental treatment isn't covered unless the treatment relates to an injury or illness
    and your pet has had its teeth checked by a vet no longer than 12 months before
    the onset date of the claim. If any treatment was recommended as a result of the
    check this must have been carried out.

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    Dont think you will find the cover you are looking for but here is a link to a comparison site that might help you.…ce/

    Are you particularly worried about its teeth?

    I don't know if insurance policies are much the same for cats and dogs, but my cat had to have most of her teeth removed and it cost me a few hundred pounds - she was insured but they wouldn't cover it.

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    Are you particularly worried about its teeth?

    his teeth aren't in the best condition probably due to the old owner not feeding him a proper diet.
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