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Found 21st Apr 2011
Hello All, i made a post yesterday regarding the poor health of my dog.
I have a West Highland Terrier and these are prone to having bad skin problems, the problem he has is that he is always scratching himself and itching to the point he can sometimes draw blood.
Whenever i go to the Vet i am literally in their 10 minutes and it costs me around £50 each time... this is becoming unaffordable to me.
I would like to know does anyone know how health insurance for pets works??.... would i be able to get cover because i would imagine based in the fact the know hes going to be going regularly to the vets then it would financially stack up to offer me cover???


do you get housing benefit? and have a pdsa locally? most things are free you just leave a donation.
Failing that cant you treat him yourself?

oh sorry-i dont think you would get it for pre-existing conditions but could be wrong
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most insurance companies don't pay out on "pre-existing conditions" and certain breeds do cost more due to genetic disorders, such as westies, other dogs such as pugs also come under this. Might cost you a bit more than usual, but as its pre-existing i doubt it would be covered..

used to be a vn lol

What ever you do to get cover. Read the small print with a fine tooth comb and if you don't understand it... get advice. Some will only cover once. Some will not touch you but all there after is your money and don't care about the animal same as some vets. Hope this helps

Some insurers won't provide cover for problems that have been known prior to you to taking out a policy with them, best to check and read the small print. Another point is some / most companies require you to pay the bill then make a claim for the charges via a claims submission, again some have a limit and number of annual claims so read the small print. Some will offer insurance but not cover those ailments etc.

As someone has already mentioned if you are in receipt of Housing / Council tax benefit you may be able to get assistance from PDSA all they ask is that you leave a donation. If you or anyone does use the PDSA although it is a charity and they ask for donations remember the bill will amount to something and the donation in my eyes is not like a coin box at your local shop where you put in your loose change. Pay / donate a reasonable amount after all it is your pet.

On dog side of things you say your dog is always scratching, is it at certain times of the year? Like the summer or when the grass is freshly cut? Mine suffers in the summer and due to the grass so we give her Piriton antihistamine tablets, job done. Pick them up from your local shop. I would advise you to check what your vet has given your dog though as I could be wrong in thinking that yours suffers like mine.

Most if not all insurers won't cover for pre-existing conditions. My sister's dog was allergic to all sorts...during the summer months he was on piriton daily (we used to joke he was okay so long as he didn't drink, drive or operate machinery).

We're with Petplan...very expensive but the vet allows the bill to accumulate and Petplan pay them directly and we pay the excess plus 20% of the vets fees....our dog is over 10 years and his recent vet bill came in at £905...we paid about £275 (big ouch but the £905 would have been an even bigger ouch)!
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