pet insurance for 3 staffs

    hi,does anyone any good cheap insurance companies,i have 3 dogs and want to get them insured.i have a old staff about 13,he wont be here for much longer but if anything happens id like to know im covered,i have a 3 years old staff,and im getting a puppy staff in about 5 weeks.
    Is there any deals because i have more than one dog.

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    Worth looking here I just got a Bulldog and am looking myself.

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    my old dog is 13,iv just done abit of research and some insurance policies dont deal with older dogs !!

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    thanks for the link paulsssss,think i might go for the multi pet discount with pet plan.what company did you go with

    like said above a lot of pet insurances wont over your older dog, i know some do but be prepared as you will have to pay a high premium, but good luck! :thumbsup:
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