Pet Insurance for 3.5 years old golden retriever

Posted 26th May 2020
Need some help on choosing pet insurance for our dog. Since last month he started having too much wax developed in his left ear. Surprisingly right ear is perfectly normal. He’s already been to vet who gave Antibiotics last month (over phone consultation) but few days ago it started again. I guess if we buy pet insurance, it won’t be covered as pre-existing condition. Although is it worth to buy insurance to cover future illnesses or have monthly/yearly savings pot?
Also I see boughtbymany covers pre existing condition but it has 3 months clause & only covers £500 with £99 excess.
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I’m still paying my GR off from having to have him put to sleep last year £6000 ,all I will say is get the best insurance you can with the highest limit, they are prone to ear infections mine had one every year buy the ear cleaner and keep the ear cleaned regularly ,whatever you do do not scrimp on it you might be lucky but they cost a fortune ,and are prone to lymphoma but they are the best dogs in the world worth every penny
Not got advice on insurance but when I worked in a dog groomers the groomer used this cleaner with a piece of cotton wool and cleaned dogs ears out. The ones more prone to it were the ones with 'flappy' ears and not upright. I would maybe consider youtubing how to do this and do it yourself to try and keep it under control?
Try Bought by Many. They get good reviews. Good luck
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