Posted 20th Dec 2022 (Posted 4 h, 45 m ago)
I'm looking to buy a photoshoot for my partner for Xmas, but all the packages im finding are very expensive for just 1 complimentary photo. is anyone aware of any good deals?

this one looks ok, but 50 for 1 photo!…spx
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    Given how long it can take to get one good image of an animal the price doesn't seem too unreasonable. Remember the saying - never work with children or animals.
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    Just my thoughts….I think it’s unlikely you’ll find anything cheaper.

    Your photo shoot might last 45 minutes , there’ll be a lot of photos taken, then a few hours editing and organising all those photos.
    Then possibly a viewing session which could be another hour of their time .
    all together the photographer might spend 4 hours working on it.
    plus printing and packaging costs. Plus the overheads of the studio.

    £50 is a good price for a walk in studio. They don’t make any money from the £50

    Other options would be to find a student photographer who is starting up who’ll give you the whole USB of photos for £100. But it could be 100 bad images. (edited)
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    Sign up to their emails for £10 off

    49102133-HvDQe.jpg (edited)
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    £50 is extremely cheap, they won’t be making any money from it. A good hour capturing the shoot, fair few hours or editing, viewing the photos and then choosing the photo and getting it printed and framed. That photographer will be earning very little at all. Put it this way, some places charge for a photo to be printed and framed from £50 upwards depending on the quality and size