Peter Gabriel Solsbury hill lyrics

Found 7th Oct 2017
Unusual question for you - I dusted off my cd player and fished out my cd collection.
Listening to the above track, I noticed on my cd and I also heard this on the radio.

At the end of the first verse(?) he sings "grab your things I've come to take you home, eeeeaaa(?) back home"

Except the last word "home" I hear some other word instead. Sounds more like 'eeooeb'! Anybody got this track and hear the same thing? Can't find any mention when Googling it.

I thought it might be a glitch on my cd, but not when I hear the same thing in the radio.
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Hi, BFP. One of my most fave tracks (and artiste) and you got me thinking. I never really thought about it - I just assumed it wasn't an actual 'word' and just Peter filling the space with a sound, as he does sometimes. It sounds a bit like:

"Doo Doo You" but all sung as one thing.

Still a superb track though. That and "Mercy Street." Oh, and "San Jacinto." The list goes on...

Enjoy your weekend. Cheers, Phsy.
Funny you should mentioned Peter Gabriel, I was listening to a track from the film Birdy day before yesterday. Coincidence or what? Haven't listened to Peter Gabriel for ages.

Just had a listen to Solsbury Hill on YouTube, it sounds like he's saying 'ey-yeah-do-do-u. Gabriel has a tendency to use his voice as an additional instrument, it's evident in a lot of his music. It could just be that. Though as mentioned above he could just be filling space with a sound.

Further on in the song however he completes the chorus with "hey back home". Strange he should start off with this unfathomable sound though.
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