Peter Jones' cat dung coffee, £50 a cup

    Peter Jones, the department store famed for its range of good-value products is to start selling coffee at £50 a cup.The London store, part of the John Lewis group, insists its legion of middle-class shoppers will jump at the opportunity to taste what will become the country's most expensive cup of coffee - even though the coffee beans have spent much of their life inside a cat's stomach.Caff?aro, made by the Italian company De Longhi, is a blend of the world's two rarest coffees: Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kupi Luwak, which gets its rich flavour from being ingested by Indonesian jungle cats and harvested from the faeces of the animal.…xml



    Load of ****!:-D

    i bet it tastes poo!

    thats definately a bum deal!

    £50 for second hand coffee as the upperclass would say "how anus horribilus":w00t:
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