Peter Kay - The Sound of Laughter (book)

    I am looking to find the cheapest price for this book be it online (including delivery cost) or retail.

    Peter Kay - The Sound of Laughter (hardback book)

    Best prices so far I have found are around the £9.50 mark from:
    [*]whsmith (pick up from store)

    [*]amazon (if free delivery code still works on here somewhere)

    [*]tesco (but price was online store and didnt include delivery cost - dunno instore price)

    anyone know where i can get it cheaper than this?


    I think it's £9.49 in asda.... instore, saw it on an advert yesterday.

    Great book by the way, it's had my missus in stitches (she got it for 8 quid from some guy at her work who sells books)

    Its £9.49 @ Amazon and maybe you can use the hellmans code posted in the Freebies section of this site to get free delivery.…oks

    LOL @ myself........Didn't read that you had looked on the above mentioned sites already. Nevermind, i've not seen it cheaper anywhere else yet!!

    Original Poster

    LOL. yeah. cheers for the links anyway for deals i already found

    Hoping I can get it cheaper than the £9.50 mark and someone told me they saw it advertised for £8 something in the paper. Hoping someone here knew of it if true or another cheap deal?

    Its cheaper in paperback version but that hasn't been released yet, you can pre order on Amazon. But i guess this is for Christmas!!!…sim

    Original Poster

    yes it is for christmas (for my mum to give my dad) and paperback isnt released for another 6 months silly! lmao

    As requested in initial post - 'hardback book' cheers

    Original Poster

    no one know where i can get this cheaper then?

    I think they are the best prices!! They are cheap already

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    Under £9 in store at Tesco


    My DH got it from The Book People for £8. I've just searched the website & can't find it online, he got it when they came to his work 2 weeks ago.

    If you know anyone that has them coming into their work ask them to grab you a copy as £8 seems to be a bargain.

    Otherwise keep an eye on both [url][/url] & [url][/url] as they both tend to update regularly


    £6.74 hardback from amazon with the Hellmanns discount. Just got one:lol:
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